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Life Through Holes


​Graduation work






The grains of light in this work are the result of filling the surface of the objects with minute holes.

I was fascinated by the way inorganic plastic products gained a new breath of life through the formation of light cells.

The result of devoting myself to a delicate and persistent task, I realized how much I had been surrounded by plastic products in our life.

Plastic is in the spotlight as the material marginalized in environmental issues.


The mutation from the expressionless plastic materials that we see in everyday life, the reflection of light on the plastic that has got a sense of life, and the fragility of the plastics that has been deformed by heat and are full of holes.  I have realized that materials could be created to be something beautiful.  And I have felt that strange attachment can be developed.

ポートフォリオB5_アートボード 1 のコピー 6_edited.jpg

we may be able to reduce unnecessary waste by looking at inexpensive and easily available mass-produced products to be reused and loved for a long time, rather than just to consume in a short time.

Plastic's light cells illuminate the hidden values in our modern lives.

 Some people tend to forget their attachment to things in a mass-consumption society. I hope that they are interested in how they should relate to things and share that attitude with others.

 I am trying to fill holes in everything around me asking myself what is the true richness in the way we interact with things.

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