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小売業の会社で働く中で空間とプロダクトの関係に興味を持ち、桑沢デザイン研究所昼間部で空間デザインを学ぶ。日常風景で見慣れたオブジェクトを穴で埋め尽くす "Life Through Holes" の制作を中心に、現代でのものとひとの関わりにおける本当の豊かさとは何かを考え続けている。

2021年スパイラル青山 SICF22 審査員賞(MIKIKO賞)受賞。

2022年 DESIGNART TOKYO 2022 UNDER30 受賞。

(Selected by Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham )

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Studied Japanese literature at university.

While working at a retail company,   went back to study design of space at Kuwasawa Design School.  

The production of  "Life Through Holes", which fills familiar objects with holes in everyday scenery, I will continue, in the course of my work, to seek the true richness of our interaction with things.  

Spiral Aoyama SICF22 Jury Award. *MIKIKO Award

DESIGNART TOKYO 2022 UNDER30 award. *Selected by Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham

2024    ΔDesignart 2024 / The Place Taipei, Taipei

              Poem and Thought / Jill d'art Gallery, Nagoya

              ART TAINAN 2024 / Jill d'art Gallery, Tainan

2023    Respiration /  AQ space, Tokyo

      A room /  TK2 Gallery, Tokyo *Solo

              RO Plastic Prize 2023 Finalists Exhibition / Rossana Orlandi Master Gallery, Milano

              Immortal Garden /  iwao gallery, Tokyo *Solo

              ART NAGOYA 2023 / Jill d'art Gallery, Nagoya

      Now You Know! vol.2 /  Whimsy Works, Taipei

2022    Designsurfing Award selected

              Figgy Pudding / Jill d'art Gallery, Nagoya

      Shibuya Art Awards 2023 selected

      Designart Tokyo  2022 / Hibiya Okuroji, Tokyo *U30 Prize *Solo

      A D D / Katsuya Susuki Gallery, Tokyo

      SICF22 Winners Exhibition / Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo

              Life with Art / Art Room Kikakusitsu, Tokyo

              Nina Nomura Exhibition  / Rise Gallery, Tokyo *Solo

2021 SICF22  / Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo  *MIKIKO Prize            

2023    ACUMEN JANUARY 2023 issue



​              Participated in the PECHAKUCHA NIGHT SPECIAL

​              Kotaro Iizawa's​  Poetry book "PERFECT LITTLE LOVER"

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